How to get Cigarette smell out of car

how to get cigarette smell out of car

If you want a quick solution for How to get cigarette smell out of car, hang an air freshener or spray an odor neutralizer – these methods only mask it, however.

To successfully combat car odor, you need to address both hard and soft surfaces in your vehicle. Begin by rolling down all windows and parking in a well-ventilated area.

How to get cigarette smell out of car by Air Out the Car

Cigarette smoke lingers in the air and adheres to surfaces it touches, particularly porous materials like upholstery and carpeting. It can also get trapped by your air conditioning system and cause its foul aroma to be spread throughout your car. To eliminate its presence from your ride, begin by giving it a thorough airing out – wait for a warm breezy day, roll down all windows, set an oscillating fan on its setting to help agitate it further and clear away some of the residual cigarette smoke smell.

Next, remove any items in your car that can trap odors such as magazines, shopping bags, paper maps and trash. This will allow for easier hard surface cleaning that removes all traces of cigarette smell while making vacuuming and washing of soft surfaces much simpler as time progresses.

Once your vehicle has been sufficiently aired out, add baking soda as an odor neutralizer to help absorb some of the lingering cigarette odors in it. Next, devote an afternoon or even full day to vacuuming and cleaning its hard surfaces – be sure to use a crevice tool so as to get into any corners where cigarette ash may have collected – then give it all another good rinse with water and mild dish soap mixtures afterwards.

Clean the Hard Surfaces

To get Cigarette smell out of car from every surface in a car, including carpeting, upholstery and floor mats as well as hard surfaces like the dashboard and steering wheel. It even lingers in air vents – which could detract significantly from its value when selling or returning a rental. Therefore it is essential that all surfaces in your car be thoroughly cleaned as well as airing out periodically to maintain value of ownership or rental return.

Begin by thoroughly vacuuming the interior of your vehicle, including carpets and floor mats, taking special care to get every inch clean. Next, sprinkle baking soda onto carpeting and upholstery to eliminate odors – allow this solution to sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming again.

Next, wash the windows and mirrors using a high-quality cleaner that guarantees residue-free results. If you own a convertible vehicle, be sure to clean its headliners regularly; they can absorb odors like any surface. Finally, wipe down steering wheel, dashboard, and shifter using an oily film removal product without damaging plastic components.

If you don’t have a cleaning product specifically tailored for leather surfaces, use a mixture of half water and half white vinegar to clean the seats, center console, and steering wheel of your car. To remove cigarette smoke odor from the air vents while your vehicle is running, spray an odor neutralizer into its HVAC system while running.

Vacuum the Soft Surfaces

Cigarette smoke permeates every inch of a car’s interior, from upholstery and carpet to headliners and dashboard. Therefore, in order to remove its smell and give its interior a fresh appearance again, various methods will need to be employed in order to eradicate its smell and restore its fresh look. Although this process will require time and patience on your part, these steps should help return it back to looking like new again!

Begin by vacuuming both upholstery and carpet, which will remove any loose ash that may be hiding in crevices and floor mats. After this step is completed, use baking soda as an odor neutralizer; this should absorb smoke-related odors. Allow this baking soda to sit for several hours and then vacuum up before repeating this process as necessary – repeat if the problem continues.

Be sure to pay special attention to the front seats, rear seats and trunk area – these areas often contain the smell of smoke for extended periods.

Consider vacuuming your air vents regularly as well. A car air vent cleaner specifically designed to tackle both hard and soft surfaces in vehicles will eliminate cigarette smoke odors in both air vents and throughout your car’s interior. Such products typically promise residue-free results to ensure an enjoyable driving experience.


Time to focus on cleaning the soft surfaces in your car, such as carpeting and upholstery. Once again, begin by removing any trash or cigarette remnants before cleaning non-carpeted surfaces such as your dashboard with multi-surface cleaner or all-purpose spray cleaner. Test all cleaners first on a small area before proceeding further with them.

Before beginning, make sure your car is well ventilated by rolling down its windows and vacuuming everything from carpeting and upholstery, such as corners and crevices where ash or other residue may hide, to corners where dust has settled over time. After vacuuming is complete, sprinkle a deodorizer such as baking soda onto surfaces safe for deodorization before leaving it overnight before collecting again with your vacuum.

If the smell is particularly pungent, consider investing in an odor bomb or air freshener to quickly eliminate its source. These products can usually be found at auto parts or department stores. In addition, try spraying the interior with a disinfectant-deodorizer like Ozium that not only kills bacteria in your car but can also deodorize its interior space effectively.

What neutralizes cigarette smell?

Adding a cup of baking soda to washes: Whether handwashing or through a machine, washing clothes with baking soda as many times as necessary might remove cigarette odor

Does lemon remove cigarette smell?

Lemon juice is acidic that break down the oils left on your clothes by cigarette smoke. Mix equal parts detergent and lemon juice. Then start the washing machine like normal and let the lemon take care of the smoke odor.

What is the best smoke neutralizer?

As one of the best odor neutralizers, activated charcoal is also very affordable. Leave small bowls of activated charcoal around the suite for a few days, and they should slowly start to lift the smells. If you happen to own an air purifier, make sure to leave them on as well.