How to Get Rid of a Car Key Stuck in Ignition

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How to Get Rid of a Car Key Stuck in Ignition? Car keys stuck in ignitions are an increasingly common problem that can usually be resolved quickly and efficiently. Before calling a locksmith or waiting for a tow truck, try shaking the steering wheel or rotating your gear selector as a possible way out.

1. Try to Turn the Steering Wheel

Get Rid of a Car Key Stuck in Ignition

Many car models feature a steering wheel-locking mechanism to protect you from accidentally starting the engine while driving, yet can make it more challenging to remove keys if they get stuck in there. This feature should prevent accidental starts while driving but could make retrieving keys from their ignition more complicated if one should become stuck there.

To unlock your steering wheel, jiggle it one direction while trying to turn your key – this may be enough for it to turn and unlock it!

If this doesn’t help, try spraying compressed air through the ignition lock cylinder to clean it out or using liquid graphite to lubricate it as this may work better. If this doesn’t do it either, chances are your key has become worn-out and requires replacement or repair; in which case a replacement or repair service should be sought immediately.

2. Try to Turn the Ignition

When your car key is stuck in the ignition, there are a few things you can do to free it up. First, shake the steering wheel and move the shifter in and out of park to try to turn over your car and retrieve your key from within the ignition. This may allow it to turn and allow you to pull it out more easily.

Another thing you could try is spraying the ignition with a lubricant – such as electrical cleaner – but make sure that you only apply sparingly so as to avoid clogging it up further.

Another method is jiggling the key back and forth; however, this could potentially damage your ignition cylinder if it is too tight and cause your key to become stuck permanently. If this occurs, it would be wise to contact a locksmith or dealership as this would help prevent further damage to your vehicle – hence why regular key replacement is crucial and keeping a spare is ideal.

3. Try to Turn the Gears

If your steering wheel or gear shift is misaligning and placing pressure on the ignition lock mechanism, gently jiggling or shifting them can alleviate extra strain on it and allow you to insert and remove your key without issue.

If your issue can’t be solved through selection or wheel adjustments, perhaps lubricating key and lock is in order. Use WD-40 (or graphite if available) to form a thin film between key and lock, and gently wiggle to see if anything slips out of place.

Forceful attempts to Get Rid of a Car Key Stuck in Ignition could potentially damage its cylinder and require professional assistance to complete. To be on the safe side, always consult an automotive mechanic or locksmith as early as possible to avoid further complications and costly repairs down the line. If you can’t get out your key yourself, call Doc Auto now for service appointment assistance.

4. Try to Turn the Engine

When your key becomes stuck in the ignition, turning on the engine may help free it. This step is particularly necessary with older cars equipped with automatic transmissions which have mechanisms designed to stop keys turning in if gear shifters aren’t set to park or neutral. Gently shift gears so they are set into park before trying again to turn over your key.

Spray WD-40 into the keyhole to loosen any dirt that may be blocking its lock and gently jiggling it in the ignition can also help loosen any slight damage caused by dirt over time.

5. You’re in the Wrong Gear

Ensure the vehicle is in Park before attempting to remove the key. The ignition will be locked in many modern vehicles if it is in any other gear. The brake should be pressed firmly, the parking brake engaged, and the vehicle shifted into Park to resolve this issue.

If none of these suggestions work to Get Rid of a Car Key from Ignition, seek professional assistance immediately from a locksmith or auto repair shop. A trained expert will quickly be able to identify and resolve the problem so you can return to driving as soon as possible.