Fiat 500 Tyre Pressure

Where to find tyre pressure on fiat 500?

Looking for a Fiat 500 Tyre Pressure? You can find Fiat 500 psi tyre pressure sticker inside the driver’s side door, on the edge of the door, or on the fuel tank handle. Occasionally, it may also be located in the passenger’s door opening located on the pillar. If you are unable to locate it, you can refer to your car’s handbook for the correct psi for fiat 500 tire pressure listing. You can check below the tyre pressure Fiat 500:

Fiat 500 Tyre Pressure Table

Tyre SizeFrontFront (loaded)RearRear (loaded)
165/65/14 79 T29 psi32 psi29 psi29 psi
165/65/14 83 T29 psi29 psi29 psi29 psi
175/65/14 82 H32 psi32 psi32 psi32 psi
175/65/14 86 H29 psi29 psi29 psi29 psi
175/65/14 82 T32 psi32 psi29 psi29 psi


  • Automatic or manual
  • 3 doors
  • 4 seats
  • Petrol or diesel
  • Hatchback
Fiat 500 Tyre Pressure


The Fiat 500 has been updated with a new ‘mild hybrid’ engine on all models except those with the ‘Dualogic’ automatic gearbox. The new engine is impressively refined and uses a fancier start-stop system to help save fuel around town. However, the full electric 500 is not yet available. As it stands, the 500 trades heavily on nostalgia and still looks cute but feels somewhat crude compared with newer rivals.


• Chrome mirrors 
• Privacy glass  
• Door sills plate 
• 15 Alloy wheels


• 7” TFT digital display 
• NAV 
• Auto A/C 
• 6 speakers   


• Rear bench 50/50 
• Defrosting mirror 
• Rear parking sensor 
• Fog lights  
• Rain & Dusk sensor

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