Fiat 500 Tyre Pressure

Fiat 500

EngineTyre sizeFront pressureRear pressureFront loaded pressureRear loaded pressure
0.9 Turbo175 65 R14 82H32293332
0.9 Turbo185 55 R15 82H32303333
0.9 Turbo195 45 R16 80H32303533
0.9 Twinair175 65 R14 82T32293332
0.9 Twinair185 55 R15 82T32303333
0.9 Twinair195 45 R16 80T32303533
1.2175 65 R14 82T29293232
1.2185 55 R15 82T32303333
1.2195 45 R16 80T32303533
1.4 Abarth195 45 R16 84V XL33303835
1.4 Abarth205 40 R17 84W XL33303835
Fiat 500 tyre pressure chart

Tyre Pressure recommendations

Fiat 500 might be small, but its tyre pressure matters big time. Maintaining optimal pressure impacts everything from fuel efficiency and safety to handling and tyre lifespan. 

This guide helps you keep your 500 rolling smoothly and safely, whether you’re cruising city streets or exploring open roads.

Finding the Right Pressure for Your Fiat 500

You can also find tyre pressure of Fiat 500 in the above table provided by us.

FAQs of Fiat 500 tyre pressure

Q: What happens if my tyre pressure is too low?

Underinflated tyres can lead to blowouts, decreased fuel efficiency, uneven tyre wear, and reduced handling performance.expand_more

Q: What happens if my tyre pressure is too high?

Overinflated tyres can cause a harsh ride, reduced traction, and increased center tread wear.expand_more

Q: How often should I rotate my tyres?

Fiat recommends rotating your tyres every 7,500 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

Q: What should I do if I get a flat tyre?

If you get a flat tyre, pull over to a safe location and change it with your spare tyre. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, call roadside assistance.

Q: Where can I buy new tyres for my Fiat 500?

You can purchase new tyres for your Fiat 500 from your local Fiat dealer, tyre shop, or online retailer.

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