Fiat Ulysse tyre pressure

Fiat Ulysse

EngineTyre sizeFront pressureRear pressureFront loaded pressureRear loaded pressure
2.0 16V215 60 R16 95H36363649
2.0 16V215 65 R15 96H36363644
2.0 D Multijet215 60 R16 95H36363649
2.0 JTD215 60 R16 95H36363649
2.0 JTD215 65 R15 96H36363644
3.0 V6215 60 R16 95V36363649

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is critical for any car, and the Fiat Ulysse is no exception. Correct tyre inflation ensures most advantageous performance, safety, and gas performance. 

Recommended Tyre Pressures for Fiat Ulysse

Unfortunately, offering particular tyre pressure hints isn’t viable without knowing your Ulysse’s model 12 months, engine variation, and tyre size. These elements notably affect the advocated pressure. 

However, you may without problems find the correct values in two methods:

Check the Tyre Placard: This decal is usually placed in the driving force’s door jamb or gas filler door. It displays the endorsed tyre pressure on your unique Ulysse version and loading conditions.

Refer to the Owner’s Manual: Your manual gives distinct facts on tyre pressure, consisting of values for one of a kind load capacities and using conditions.

Here’s a general guiding principle for commonplace Ulysse tyre sizes:

215/65 R15: 36 PSI (2.Five bar)

215/60 R16: 36 PSI (2.Five bar)

225/fifty five R17: 38 PSI (2.6 bar)

Checking Tyre Pressure

Use a dependable tyre pressure gauge: Digital gauges are normally greater accurate than analog ones.

Check pressure while tyres are cold: This method they have not been driven for at least 3 hours or driven less than a mile.

Unscrew the valve cap and press the gauge firmly onto the valve stem. Hold it until the reading stabilizes.

Compare the studying to the advocated pressure. Inflate or deflate the tyre the usage of a tyre pump or air compressor as wanted.

Repeat for all four tyres, such as the spare.


Q: How regularly must I take a look at tyre pressure?

Check your tyre pressure at the least once a month, greater regularly in case you pressure long distances or underneath extraordinary load situations.

Q: What takes place if my tyres are underinflated?

Underinflated tyres can result in decreased fuel performance, poor managing, choppy tyre put on, and improved hazard of blowouts.

Q: What takes place if my tyres are overinflated?

Overinflated tyres can bring about a harsher trip, reduced traction, and untimely center tread put on.

Q: Can I pressure with a slightly under inflated tyre?

Driving with even barely underinflated tyres is not encouraged. It can be dangerous and damage your tyres. Always inflate your tyres to the endorsed pressure as soon as feasible.

Q: Where can I buy a tyre pressure gauge?

You should buy a tyre pressure gauge from maximum auto components shops, gasoline stations, and online stores.

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