Fiat Strada Tyre Pressure

Fiat Strada

EngineTyre sizeFront pressureRear pressureFront loaded pressureRear loaded pressure
1.2 D175 70 R14 88T32293244
1.2 D175 80 R14 88T32293244
1.3 Multijet205 65 R15 94H32293244

Tyre pressure recommendations

First, find the recommended tyre pressure for your Fiat Strada. You’ll find it on the driver’s door handle, the fuel filler flap, or the sticker in the owner’s manual. 

You can also find Fiat Strada’s tyre pressure in the above table provided by us. Values ​​are usually listed in psi (pounds per square inch) or bar. 

These recommendations take into account factors such as vehicle weight (driver, passengers, luggage) and driving conditions (city, highway, off-road).

FAQs of Fiat Strada Tyre Pressure

Q: What happens if my tyre pressure is too low?

Poorly inflated tyres can cause tyre blowouts, reduced fuel consumption, tyre imperfections, and reduced handling.

Q: What happens if my tyre pressure gets too high?

Over-inflated tyres can result in aggressive ride, reduced traction, and severe interior suspension damage.

Q: How often should I change my tyres?

Fiat recommends rotating your tyres every 7,500 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

Q: What should I do if my tyres are flat?

If you get a flat tyre, pull over to a safe place and replace your spare tyre. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, call for roadside assistance.

Q: Where can I buy new tyres for my Fyat Strada?

You can buy new tyres for your Fiat Strada from your local Fiat dealer, tyre store, or online retailer.

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